About Plant Cell and Tissue Culture

Program aim

This program is designed to give students a thorough understanding of the concepts and techniques related to plant cell and tissue culture. It will cover aspects such as manipulating plant cells and tissues in vitro, using growth regulators and media, as well as the applications of this technology in agriculture and biotechnology. To help students learn, the curriculum includes both theoretical instruction and practical lab sessions. Upon completion, students will have the knowledge and confidence to do their own research and help create innovative agricultural and biotechnological products.


Program Objectives

  • To help the participants reach their goals of furthering their education and obtaining post-graduate qualifications, we seek to enhance their knowledge, research aptitude, and other skills.
  • To cultivate experts in Plant Cell and Tissue Culture who are prepared to take on specialized professional roles, possess advanced technological capabilities, or seize entrepreneurial opportunities
  • To create more job openings in the biotechnology, agrobiotechnology, horticulture, and associated research and educational fields.
  • To cultivate talented professionals who can contribute to advancing the biotechnology sector in our nation.

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