Why the School of Biotechnology?

  • Interdisciplinary Education:

We provide curricula with topics ranging from basic sciences to courses covering the field’s latest knowledge in all major sectors of biotechnology: medical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, environmental, and industrial sectors.

  • State-of-the-art Facilities:

The school offers a flourishing environment for students to excel in biotechnology research. Our laboratories are equipped with cutting-edge facilities for a hands-on learning experience. 

  • Prosperous Career Opportunities:

We offer a variety of traineeship and internship programs at top industrial corporations and academic institutions in preparation for splendid career options.



The Nile University’s School of Biotechnology seeks to be an accredited, internationally recognized school in education, research, entrepreneurship, and community impact in the biotechnology domain.


The Nile University’s School of Biotechnology presents distinguished educational programs in biotechnology for preparing talented, competent graduates, as well as conducts cutting-edge multidisciplinary innovative research and encourages entrepreneurship in different biotechnology fields, according to international standards and values, for addressing community and environmental challenges, thereby contributing to establishing a national knowledge-based economy.