Why BioTech

Biotechnology includes the employment of biological systems to develop enhanced technologies in various fields of life. It is a flourishing area of research that plays a vital role in the national and global economy worldwide. The biotechnological revolution has grown to encompass almost every aspect of our daily lives and has applications in five major sectors: medical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, environmental, and industrial sectors.



Within the life science faculties of Nile University, the School of Biotechnology aims to provide a center of excellence for both research and higher education in the biotechnology domain. A plethora of model systems including bacteria, yeast, drosophila and mammals should be studied at the School of Biotechnology. Together with a broad range of multidisciplinary fields, ranging from biophysics and biochemistry to cell biology, molecular biology, and genetics, the school provides a unique and wealthy scientific environment. Our vision is to provide intensive training on the most recent biological developments and coach students for direct entry into a competitive market.


Impart quality education and training by experienced, high profile eminent faculty members, backed by modern infrastructure and a well-equipped laboratory setup. Tool up students with multidisciplinary training in the different sectors of Biotechnology in addition to the scientific background and laboratory experience necessary to use biotechnology for the development of applications relevant to biology-based industries, biomedical, pharmaceutical, agricultural fields, food industries and environmental safety. Take the creativity of the young mind to its pinnacle within the study period and ensure that the students become enlightened individuals and get inspiration to pursue their careers with liveliness and passion. Expand students' minds, broaden their experiences, and sharpen their abilities by imparting both theoretical knowledge and workable skills so they can adapt easily to the scientific and business communities.