Why Biotechnology? 

Biotechnology includes the employment of biological systems to develop enhanced technologies in various fields of life. The School of Biotechnology at Nile University is a pioneer in Biotechnology education in Egypt by providing interdisciplinary education, state-of-the-art facilities, and prosperous career opportunities

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School Programs


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Genetics and Histology Lab

This lab is equipped with the latest light microscopes. To develop students’ technical skills and enable them to observe different specimens. Students take their practical session from both genetics and histology modules in this lab, where they stain, examine histological and pathological slides, and perform karyotyping. The courses that are served by the Immunology and Virology lab: (BIO-204)
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Biophysics 1

Biophysics Lab

Lab 235 (Biophysics Lab) for Biophysics This lab has all equipment needed to conduct basic physics experiments, such as the laws of motion, energy transfer, special relativity, time dilation, fluid mechanics, fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, circuits, semiconductors, statistical physics, magnetism, electromagnetism, and mechanical waves. The courses that the biophysics lab serves: (PHY 102)
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Molecular Biology Lab

This lab is equipped with advanced equipment such as a PCR machine, gel electrophoresis machine and ELISA reader. This teaching lab performs a broad range of experiments including DNA and RNA extraction, running both agarose and polyacrylamide gels. Gene identification and extraction. In addition, some forensics techniques such as microsatellites and variable number tandem repeat. The blend
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Nanotechnology Lab

The nanoscience lab provides hands-on experience in advanced material science technology. Students acquire hands-on experiments that combine learning different methodologies for material fabrication and characterization techniques. We teach our students the key concepts of nanoscale phenomena that make nanoscience and nanotechnology one of the most exciting fields of research today. The focus of
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Microbiology Lab

Microbiology Lab

Lab 366 (Microbiology lab) for Organic Chemistry, Microbiology & Microbial Physiology The microbiology lab has microscopes, an autoclave, an incubator, and Bunsen burners. The microscopes help students visualize microorganisms, such as bacteria, which they previously stained. In addition, they learn what fungi and algae look like under the microscope. They also learn how to plate and count
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Biochemistry Lab

Lab 365 (Biology Lab) for Biology and Biochemistry The biology lab encompasses equipment that serves in the understanding of students to different principles in Biology and Biochemistry. These include ELISA assay, PAGE assembly, glucose colorimetric assay, Hill reaction, and enzyme catalysis. The courses that the biology lab serves: (BIO-101) Introductory Biology (BIO-102) Biology (General cell &
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"My invitation to participate in the series of webinars that Nile University is keen to present to undergraduates was a rich experience, not only for the good organization and the integrated program, especially in scientific research, but also for the student's interaction and their eagerness to benefit. It is an honor to be among this wonderful constellation of guest professors. These experiences and expertise push Nile University to be among the top Egyptian Universities."

Dr. Mohammed ElSheemy

Professor of Urology, Cairo University Editor in Chief, African Journal of Urology


"I believe Biotechnology School will help me in my career path because it provides us with training opportunities and courses unavailable at other universities. We don't need to look for these opportunities because the university makes them readily available. These opportunities are essential to kickstarting a good career. My friends who study biotechnology at other universities don't have such opportunities."

Rafayel Remon

Biotechnology School Student


"I really appreciate that our first year at the School was building a strong base through general courses like chemistry and physics. It is also obvious to me through the course content and the projects that the professors and instructors chosen for us are experienced researchers in the field."

Kamal Salah

Biotechnology School Student


"In my experience, the biotechnology curriculum at NU is genuinely the best in Egypt, and it has the potential to bring up the best biotechnologists in the field. Since the bioinformatics curriculum is available at the NU's School of Information Technology and Computer Science and the School of Biotechnology, it provides students with a high-quality, interdisciplinary educational experience, which is not available elsewhere. This approach sets the students up to have the best of both worlds."

Assem Kadry

Teaching assistant at NU