Nanotechnology Lab

The nanoscience lab provides hands-on experience in advanced material science technology. Students acquire hands-on experiments that combine learning different methodologies for material fabrication and characterization techniques. We teach our students the key concepts of nanoscale phenomena that make nanoscience and nanotechnology one of the most exciting fields of research today. The focus of the lab is the physics and chemistry of nanoscale systems, exploring how the properties of materials change with size. We also focus on the synthesis of nanoscale materials with different shapes as well as core-shell structures and hybrid materials. We also train students to use CES Edu pack software for material selection. 

Courses served by Nanoscience and material lab: 
  • (BIO 206) Molecular Biology 
  • (APBI 102) Introduction to Nanotechnology 
  • (APBI 409) Nanobiotechnology and BioNanotechnology 
List of equipment: 
  • Hot air oven 
  • Homogenizer 
  • Digital balance 
  • Centrifuge 
  • DI water 
  • Heater and stirrer