Student Kamal Salah Abdallah Performs an Internship at the University of Tokyo

Meet Kamal Salah Abdallah, our junior student at NU School of Biotechnology whose success journey was truly inspiring.
Kamal is one of the top students at the school and this summer, he flew to Japan to join the UTSIP Kashiwa summer program at the University of Tokyo.
Kamal conducted a research internship at the Department of Computational Biology and Medical Sciences under the guidance of Professor Martin Frith. His research focused on developing a XIST gene prediction algorithm by applying comparative genomics techniques to various mammalian species. His study constituted a significant step toward understanding sex-biased diseases, ultimately contributing to advancements in biomedical science.
In addition to the immense research skills Kamal gained during his internship, he had a great opportunity to experience the Japanese culture, explore its technological advancements and meet people from all around the world.
We are very proud of him and wish him many more successes!